More Than Just Features

It's about getting things done every single day.

Timing is Everything

Focus on today by managing your time wisely.

Timing is Everything

Focus on Today

Each task you create focuses on how much time it takes to complete. Every day you will get a list of tasks tailored to the amount of time you have available. By knowing how much time each task takes you can manage your day or week much more realistically.

Start Feeling Underwhelmed

Stop feeling overwhelmed by looking at an endless list of tasks. GoalStacker gives you an attainable realistic list of tasks each day. You can finish each day with a sense of accomplishment knowing you completed everything you had time for and not worrying about what you didn't have time for.

Time Tracking

Track exactly how much time it takes to complete. Don't guess how long it took you to complete a task; track your progress down to the minute.

Daily Reminders

Your Today List of tasks is tailored to the time you have available. You'll receive an email every morning reminding you what you need to get done each day.

See Progress

Every project clearly displays the amount of tasks you have completed and how many tasks are remaining before the project is complete.

Work with Anyone

Work with Co-Workers, Friends, Family Members, or Anyone.

Work with anyone, anwhere

Invite Anyone

There are no fancy admin panels in GoalStacker, you can invite anyone to work on a project. Once you are connected you can easily add/remove a person from any project you create. Each account is completely separate so you don't have to handle anyone else's settings.

Unlimited Collaborators

You can share a project with as many people as you want. There is no extra cost for having a big team. Unlike some applications that make you pay per seat, you'll never have to worry about that problem with GoalStacker. Invite your co-workers and get things done.

Real Time Updates

Everything in GoalStacker happens in realtime. If a task is updated, assigned, removed, or completed, it will updated for everyone in the project instantly.

Assign Tasks

Assigning tasks is really easy. You can assign tasks inside projects to anyone on your team. A profile pic and name will appear next to each assigned task.

Focus on Tasks

GoalStacker makes sure that no matter how big your team is, the focus is still on tasks. To get things done you need to focus on the actual work.

Share Files Easily

Never look for files again - attach them directly to tasks.

Timing is Everything
Attach Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Text, Images, PDF, Photoshop, and Illustrator Files.

Never Look For Files

Getting started with a task is the first step to getting it done. With GoalStacker, you can attach files directly to your tasks, so when you're ready to get started, everything is right there. Now you can stop looking for files and start working on your tasks right away.

Sharing Made Easy

Sharing files can be a pain, often times we have to use email, storages services, set permission, etc. With GoalStacker, just upload a file directly to a task, and anyone in your project can access it instantly. Assign a task to someone, and attach a file to it, and you're done.

Great File Support

GoalStacker supports Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Text, Images, PDF, Photoshop, and Illustrator Files.

Safe and Secure

Your files can only be viewed by members within a project.

Thumbnail Previews

Each image you upload will show a nice thumbnail preview inside the task.

Get Reminders

A friendly reminder each day to keep you focused

Daily reminders keep you focused
Set reminders to arrive every day, weekdays, weekends, or never.

A Daily or Weekly Digest

GoalStacker can email your Today List to you every day, weekdays, or weekends. A friendly reminder each morning can help you get off to a good start and remember what you should focus on each day. You can turn reminders on/off quickly inside your account.

An Automatic Today List

GoalStacker intelligently looks at how much time you have available each day and creates a Today List for you. Each day it will check if you have any available time left and add more tasks to your list if you have room for it. Now you can focus on the tasks, not creating a list each day.

Attainable Lists

Get a list of what you can actually do each day. GoalStacker sends you a "Today List" - that's all.

Never Forget Again

Your daily Today List email helps you remember what you need to do each and everyday.

Customizable Delivery

Get your Today List delivered to your email every day, on weekdays, on weekends, or not at all.

Stay Organized & Productive

Keep track of your tasks, team, and time

Keep your tasks and friends in tidy little buckets
Each project can have a unique team of people working together.

Organize Your Tasks

Organize your tasks into projects. Projects are a great way to focus on a specific sets of tasks related to each other. Each project displays the amount of tasks and time you have remaining before you finish and the amount of tasks that you have completed.

Projects are Private

All projects give you a private work space that can only be accessed by users you add to that project. Setting up a new project is instant. You can create a project with a private team in seconds. You can assign tasks to anyone with access to the project.

Real Time Updates

Projects are updated in real time. When you edit, move, finish, or delete a task, it takes place instantly for everyone else.

Share Files Easily

Sharing files is simple. Just create a task, assign it to someone, and attach a file. Task and file in one place.

Customize Settings

Projects can be easily customized to the settings that meet your needs. Update your settings in one click.

Accessible Anywhere

No syncing, Downloads, Updates, or Headaches ;)

Accessible Anywhere
Mac or PC, Tablet or Phone

No Software

You never have to install anything to use GoalStacker. The GoalStacker application works inside your web browser on your PC, Mac, Tablet, or Phone. Everything is stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about syncing your device or updating your application. It just works.

No Updates Needed

It's hard enough trying to keep up with everything else in your life, the last thing you need is to have to update your apps every few days. GoalStacker will never make you update anything. Just login from your web browser and you're always using the latest version.


GoalStacker works well on your tablet device. The app is designed to accommodate touch screens easily.

Work Anywhere

Access GoalStacker from any computer. Just visit the website and get access to all your information.

Mobile Phones

GoalStacker works well on most mobile phones. Now you can take your tasks and projects with you anywhere.

Help support GoalStacker

GoalStacker is Free and relies 100% on donations. If you enjoy using this product feel free to offer a small donation. Thanks!

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